Setting up a newly purchased desktop G5? Questions!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by UlsterApple, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Hi folks - first post so go easy on me!
    I've used Macs since 1996 and worked my way along the range, usually a couple of years behind the current models as funds allow. I've had a Quicksilver G4 for years now running an 17 inch Apple Studio display, but as it's getting a bit old now I upgraded to a quad-core G5 purchased from eBay.
    First problem - the old Apple monitor uses a different connection to the new graphics card, being ADC while the new G5 uses DVI. My PC also uses a VGA to DVI adaptor but on trying the G5 with the PC monitor plus adaptor there is no picture, just a message that 'no input signal is being received.' It's a Xerox monitor, but the problem is that with no picture, I can't load the drivers onto the G5... any tips on getting the monitor to work, or is the adaptor not an ideal thing?
    Secondly - I want to transfer my Mail account from the old Mac to the new, and have about 40 messages in my boxes that I want to keep. Last time, I thought I had gone by the book, but lost all my messages and settings. All tips appreciated!
    Thirdly, I always use a backup drive so will be adding another 80Gb drive internally. The SATA cable is already there, so what's the best setting for the drive jumpers to use the factory drive as my main drive and the other as backup?
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    If the monitor with the adaptor works with the PC then I would say that its possible that there is either something wrong with the graphics card in the G5 or an even bigger problem, like a leaking LCS or something of that nature that could be affecting the system in multiple ways. I would take a look around inside to make sure the graphics card is well seated and also to check for leakage and corrosion.

    Secondly SATA drives dont need you do mess with jumpers at all. Just install your OS (definitely go with Leopard on that machine) and then choose the other drive for the backup in your time machine settings.

    You can read more about SATA jumpers and stuff here.

    Good Luck :)
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    Problem solved; my fault entirely! I added 2GB of memory and following the instructions I added the modules in pairs, but not one in each set of slots. The flashing white LED on the front told me the problem! Once the memory was reseated the G5 ran perfectly.
    Panic over!

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