Setting Up Airport Express through Airport Extreme

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by angelpeach838, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Feb 23, 2008
    I currently have the apple extreme as my wireless router. It works great. I absolutely love it. I have two macbook pro's (wife and I both have one) and use it for my PS3 and Xbox 360. I started a new job and was given a free HP desktop (not my choice, but hey, it's free, so what can I say). The desktop is not wireless and I am not able to put my computer near the airport extreme because my TV already owns that territory. Today I bought the Airport express to use as a bridge (and other things in the future). I have plugged it in. I opened the airport utility using my macbook. It finds my extreme and my express. I select that I want to set up the express. I select that I want to set it up using an existing wireless network. I select my airport extreme. It tells me that it has to restart the express. I wait approximately 3 minutes. It then tells me that the settings to the express have been changed but it's not able to find it. Has anyone experienced this?

    My main goal is to use the express as a bridge. I have the express plugged in beside the desktop and want to run an ethernet cable from the express to the desktop to allow for wireless capability. The Geek Squad suggested this and told me it was an easy setup. Apple usually is, but for some reason I am stuck here.

    Thanks in advance for any tips and advice
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    Feb 23, 2008
    Hah....figured it out with a little perseverance! The problem was that I was not selecting WPA/WPA2 personal security in the drop down menu for my airport extreme. The first two times I didn't select anything and left it on the default of "none." Then on my sixth attempt I thought I would play around with that drop box and after two more tries (and finally selecting the WPA/WPA2 by trial and error).....TaDa!!!! Express is not successfully connected!

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