Setting up cell service: generic sim?

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    I guess I'm really dim. I thought the iPad Air 2 came with a sim card that could be used by any of three carriers: Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T.
    Going through Settings, it looked like I could set up right from the iPad (esp. being a T-mobile client), but of course there were password issues. Called T-mobile, they said, "the sim card doesn't start with '840...' , we can't help you. Called Apple, they said go to the T-Mobile store and pay $20 for a new sim.

    Nevermind, I get it, the card is just a placeholder-- I can use the tablet with any carrier, as long as I fork out for their specific sim.
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    Straight Talk does tablet SIMs now. SIMs are free and you can find a promo code to get free shipping.

    My iPhone's on ST now and I get an additional $2.50/month off for setting up auto-pay.
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    The iPad Air 2 comes with the Apple SIM which will work on the three carriers Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T. I was able to sign up to T-Mobile fine on my iPad Air 2. Did you try turning off the Wi-Fi? Then when you go Cellular Data you should get the options of the carrier you want to use. Also if you want a specific T-Mobile SIM you can get one from BestBuy for $4.99

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