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Jan 24, 2018
Bare with me because I may be doing something stupid...
I tried to add a new contact on my iphone today. All entered fine but when I exited the contact setup it wasn’t there.
Tried again, same thing. Thinking it was because I hadn’t added a number I tried again, same thing.

I then went into “groups” and checked “on my iphone” and the new contacts all now appear ?

In settings I don’t sync contacts (and calendar for that matter) with icloud but rather with my outlook account.
This was originally because I migrated from a windows phone and that’s how I moved everything across. I thought I’d keep it that way
in case I moved to non iOS device.
Looking in settings >contacts my “default account” is set to “on my iphone”
In settings>Passwords &accounts my outlook account has contacts and calendar both checked.
In settings >Apple id>iCloud contacts and calendar are both “off”.....

I also have an ipad and it is setup in a similar way so contacts and calendar sync across both.

Is this what you would ‘consider’ correct ?
Should I change to a different (more logical) way ?

Should I also have “on my iphone” checked in contacts on my iPhone permanently.....(what about the other things)?



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Jul 1, 2014
I don't sync with Outlook, so, need to ask a dumb question: what other groups are listed in Contacts? Guessing should be something there other than "On my iPhone" aka something Outlook-y. Probably want that selected and have that as your default group in Settings.

"On my iPhone/iPad" is just as it sounds: will keep contacts in those group only on the respective device it was created on, ie. no sync.


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Mar 15, 2005
Looking in settings >contacts my “default account” is set to “on my iphone”
Based on what you're doing, this setting is wrong. You should choose your Outlook account as your Default Account. When this is set, any new contacts are automatically created in Outlook instead of your iPhone.


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Jan 24, 2018
@NoBoMac ...
In contacts>groups I have All Outlook + contacts + Google contacts + twitter contacts
Then below “Iphone “ set to All iphone...

@scheming that’s what I was thinking as it seems logical given I’m syncing via outlook NOT iCloud.
Can I ask... do you have 2 accounts to choose in settings>contacts>default account ?


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Oct 30, 2014
Default account is just one account.

Tip: to add a contact to a non-default account, in Contacts -> Groups uncheck all but the account you want to add a new contact to.