Setting up iPhone 2 previously active. Not jailbroke.

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    I'm getting by with my iP2 til next year and then I dropped my phone, so the office manager handed me the "spare" ip2 to use. I swapped out the sims cards and plugged the "new" phone to connect to iTunes to restore. When I power the new phone on it doesn't ask for the passcode, it's just letting me make an emergency call. iTunes says it can't connect to the iphone because it is locked with a passcode. I have to enter a passcode on the phone before it can be used with iTunes. I know the passcode, but I'm not getting the option on the phone to enter it. Anyone know what to do?
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    Dec 5, 2010
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    Had this problem. Is there any data on the phone that you need? Because you're gonna lose it. There really is no way to get past that screen other than to restore, or to jailbreak.

    I restored my phone. You'll have to put the phone into DFU mode, which you can acheive by plugging the phone into the computer with itunes open, then holding the sleep and home buttons for about 10 seconds until the screen goes black and then let go of the sleep button and continue to hold the home button until iTunes comes up with a message that says "iTunes has discovered a phone in recovery mode, would you like to restore?". Then click proceed, or continue or whatever and click "Restore" in iTunes. This will completely wipe the phone and you'll have one as good as new :)

    You should then be able to sync it with your iTunes to get all your music, contacts, etc on there.

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