Setting up powerbook for second hand buyer


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Jan 2, 2006
Hi guys, I've just sold my powerbook on eBay. Just wondering, whats the best way of setting it up for them... I think I'm right in saying I can't do a fresh install of OS X without creating a new account and to do that I'd obviously need all the buyer's details.

What's the best thing to do? obviously I dont want to leave my current installation on there...



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Mar 14, 2004
Chicago, IL
Do a fresh install and provide the disks. After in installs the OS it will reboot and start the setup assistant. Just shut the computer off then and ship it to them. When they turn it on they will be greeted with the setup assistant.

One note, when you do this I don't think it installs the additional applications. Just tell them to put the CD in when they are set up and run the "installing additional applications" and then they will have a full new system.