Setting up Printer because I installed a New Router

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by IPadNParadise, Mar 16, 2017.

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    I have a Macbook Pro (2015 model) 10.12.3 and an iPad Pro 10.2.1. I also have a cheap HP 3520 printer. I have had it and used it with all of the Apple devices I had owned since I first set this printer up a few years ago. Was very difficult for me to set up, not real tech savvy and as you probably know, there is no way to type passwords on this printer. But I did it, loading software, drivers, whatever and even the iPad just found it and printed to it when I wanted to print.

    Well, I replaced my very old Centurylink router (Westell 7500) this week with another one Zyxcell C1000W and was so happy that the setup was easy and I was able to connect all my devices, MBP, iPad, Apple TV, Sony Smart TV and my Pioneer audio receiver. It is a Centurylink router but I did not get it from them so their support is not possible.

    This morning I wanted to print something. Well, my HP printer would not be found by my Mac. I sure did NOT want to go thru all of the trouble I had initially setting this up. So fooling around on the printer settings, I found the method to connect by pushing the WPS button on the router. Did not have that button on the old Westell 7500 so was unfamiliar with it and was happy to find how easy this setup was. THEN, stupidly, after I did this, I looked it up on the internet and find that it is not safe and I should disable it.

    So my question to you gurus here, should I disable it if I know there will never be anyone that has physical access to my computer unless the house is broken into, in which case I will have lots more problems. Or is it just unsafe overall and allowing someone easy access into my network, financials...should I disable or not given I would just rather get a new printer and go thru set up of a newer model than putz around loading software to reconnect this old one.
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    Speaking generally, WPS is not very secure, and ideally you are using WPA2 for the wifi security on your router. Now, even if you choose to use WPA2, and disable WPS functionality in your router, your wifi capable printer likely will still be able to connect to your router using WPA2. It will just be a slightly more manual process to connect it the first time. But once connected, it should just work.

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