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    Feb 12, 2011

    I have a siuation. I am looking to get rid of my Windows machine in the garage which is a Dell Precision 390, with 4TB of space. I have been looking into NAS but i really dont know how they work or are set up...this is what i currently have in my house.

    My room >

    connected via ethernet:

    1x iMac
    1x XBOX 360
    1x WD Live TV player

    connected via wifi:

    1x iPad & iPhone

    Lounge >

    1x PS3
    1x WD tv player

    Office >

    1x Windows PC
    1x Windows Laptop
    1x USB Printer

    Others >

    2x Blackberry Storm
    1x iPhone 3GS
    2x Windows Laptops

    I currently use my 4TB Dell for storing Media, Movies and Music. I have shares set up, so all computers in the house can access as well as my media players (WD Live TV / XBOX) etc.

    2TB is dedicated to Movies & TV
    500GB - Music
    500GB - User Data
    1TB - system drive / partitioned with other sections.

    I use logmein to remote into the computer and kick off downloads via PB and Vuze. Once downloaded i transfer the completed files into the correct shares. This is all very drag and dropped. So this is very like just being sat in front of the computer. I have thought about a NAS but its web interface and other features frighten me, as i think i will loose the ease of use i get with logme in

    I stream a lot of the data via my WD Live TV....

    What i wish from my iHome - is to be able to remote into a machine tucked away somewhere, so i can kick off downloads / Manage files, shares etc from anywhere. Like i can with logmein

    Share data between any machine on the network via shared drives.

    Stream movies and music from it via my WD Live TV.

    Also to Archive data i have been working on, video + photo. as backups from my external drives connected too my iMac
    And to set it up with Time Machine also.

    what do you guys suggest? If you need any more info let me know :)
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    A good NAS will do everything you want, while consuming far less power than the computer you have performing that function now. There shouldn't be anything to be afraid of about a web interface - the good ones will make it far easier to manage than using a remote desktop session, and can be controlled in exactly the same manner from any network connected device.
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    Feb 12, 2011
    i have been reconmended this one click me from one of the guys here...i just think the abilitiy to download "torrents" will be taken away ?

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