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    I'll try my best to explain this, but right now the Time Capsule is connected via Ethernet to the router and all is working just fine. The Time Capsule is in Bridge Mode and creates a second wi-fi network apart from the router's network.

    We just moved to a different flat and would like to move the Time Capsule in a different room, away from the router. Is it still possible to use the Time Capsule to wirelessly connect to the main network and extend the wireless signal and also be able to provide a ethernet connection to gaming consoles?

    My instinct is to have it extend the wireless network as opposed to create a new one, but I also don't want to go messing with settings and risk breaking everything!

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    Yes you are able to extend the network wirelessly. You need to choose to extend existing network in the airport utility.

    Once all completed in the utility you will see dashed lines between the main router and TC. It will indicate the connection between devices is wireless.

    Please note that this does lowers performance and throughput of the TC.

    You will get much better performance if the two devices are wired.

    Also make sure you use different non overlapping wifi channels.
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    there is no wifi standard for taking one router like the time capsule and then using that to extend another network that uses a different brand or model of router. you should continue to use ethernet.

    wifi is based on a group of standards that all manufactures have agreed on.

    however, WDS or Extending a wifi network is not a "standard". it is a "proprietary technology" and it is not a standard that the Wi-fi alliance tests and certifies.

    ideally the original router**** should be the one in bridge mode and the ip address should be passed to the time capsule, so it can do the routing.

    some companies don't allow you to put their modems in bridge mode, like AT&T uverse, but you still can put your airport in a "dmz" zone

    using "extend the wifi network" only works if the other router is an apple product.

    ekrueger didn't say anything abut who makes the router he is using.

    **** edit . i meant to say the original router/modem from the internet service provider should be put in bridge mode. and the routing / wifi be performed by the airport or time capsule
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    Based on initial post I think they had it working in old house all wired.

    OP, is your router Aurport Extreme?
    That's what I assumed.
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    Wireless extension is only supported when the main base station is an AirPort as well.
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    The set-up I had (and still do) is the router from my ISP is connected to the port in the wall. The Time Capsule is then connected via Ethernet to the ISP Router. Time Capsule is currently in Bridge Mode. The way I understand it, is it is possible to use the Time Capsule to wirelessly extend the network, at the cost of speed and performance. Given that, I've decided to look into some other ways to achieve what I want. Basically the Master Port in our flat is (for some reason) in a storage closet and due to errors in construction (its a new build flat in London) the Master socket was not connected to any of the other sockets in the flat. So the only port that could actually get internet or phone was the one port in the closet.

    We tried having the property management company get a contractor in to fix it and hopefully move the Master Socket (when Sky came to troubleshoot the connection they mentioned a neighbour of ours had that done). Well, the property manager we were dealing with was a bit dim and the contractor lazy (probably due to they came on a Wednesday afternoon whilst I was at work) so they just plugged an extension into the Master Socket into a socket above it thereby giving connection to the rest of the house.

    Long story short, things work now, albeit in the way we didn't really want, so was looking for a reliable way to provide equal (or nearly equal) service to all devices across the flat. I gave up on the idea of using the Time Capsule wirelessly, just now trying to come up with Plan B.

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