Setting up two internet connections on a macpro server


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Dec 25, 2011
Orlando, FL
I would like to know how to set up two separate internet connections on a MacPro server.

I run a medical practice with 9 workstations that connect to a MacPro server for access to the database. They are fed internet connections through the office server network which is guarded by a firewall (Watchdog) for security.

My problem is that my unit only has access to a slow DSL with an upload speed of .4 mbs. Fiberoptic and cable connections are not available The download speed is 7 mbs, which is adequate for the workstations.

To connect to my office from outside locations utilizing a VPN or Log Me In type software, I need faster upload speeds, in excess of 1 mbs

I am wanting to use one port on the MacPro server for the office network, and the second to exclusively set up a VPN connection with a mobile hot spot, such as the Verizon or ATT 4G LTE. This would then be used to access the server from my home location.

I do not want to utilize the 4G LTE as my sole internet connection for the entire offices' 9 workstations, because the monthly data plans are limited to 5 GB.
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