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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by dixie318, Aug 4, 2009.

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    I'm getting ready to move in with two roommates. I have a MBP, one roommate has a MB, and the other has a Dell. I was leaning toward the Apple brand, since I'll only be living with these two for a year and then I'll be moving to my own house, so the Dell won't be an issue and I like the idea of easy setup for a wireless printer. But...

    I won't be using the wireless printer this year, because I don't want my roommates to use my ink up. How long to routers last? Would I be better off getting a Linksys (which is what we have at my parents' house and what I'm posting this message with)? Are there any issues with PCs using Airport? If I did get it, I would want Airport Express, right? Not Extreme? I'm not sold on the Airport, but I am looking ahead to next year when I might have wished I'd gotten the Airport.

    Basically, is there any real reason to get the Airport Express over Linksys or another brand, given my situation both this year and next year? If not, what brand would you recommend and why?

    ETA: Also, our house is two stories, with one bedroom on the ground floor and two upstairs. I want to be sure that the girl that lives downstairs will be able to get onto the internet just as easily as us upstairs. We also want to be able to get onto the Internet from our living room or dining room, both of which are downstairs. My house next year is one story and square shaped (bungalow, not a ranch).
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    Linksys definitely makes higher quality routers, but Apple's integrate better with Macs and are easier to setup. I think Apple's offerings offer higher quality wifi connections to Macs than Linksys routers do though. Linksys definitely wins in the wired department.

    Apple's offerings have no troubles with PCs and can easily be run in an all-PC environment.

    If you get an Airport Express, you will lose the ability to use a wired connection to your computers as the only Ethernet port is used for the incoming internet connection.
    I would advise getting an Airport Extreme as well as an Express.

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