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    Jan 18, 2016
    I've just bought an Airport Extreme and I have some questions about how to set it up the best way.

    I live in a house with two routers, an extender and now the Airport Extreme. All connected with cables except the extender

    Should I use the same name and password for every wireless network and having the Extreme work as a bridge or use it as a Base Station, since it's been bought for wireless internet in the basement.

    At the moment the two routers have the same name and password, the extender with it's own name but same password as the routers and the extreme as a Base Station with separate name and password. All four devices on different channels. Is this all wrong to get the highest and best wireless speed out of the Extreme and all devices in general?

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    Apr 1, 2014
    The user/password combination shouldn't matter for speed, as they are saved the first time you use them. I would use different names, so that if one day something goes wrong you know which one it was plus you have more opportunity for fun Wi-Fi names.

    You should use your best router as the main device, as it will do all the work of getting you internet. This device needs to be a router and the other devices need to be bridged, and the extender is just a relay (so it will be slower).

    In general, as long as the channels are spread out across all devices and are not used by other people nearby, you will be fine. The automatic channel setting should handle this issue.

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