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Settings>General>Usage issue with Messages


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Original poster
Mar 7, 2008
Upstate Central NY
I have an issue here I cannot solve.

iPhone 5S, 64G, software up to date but I've had this issue since the first time I checked with 7.0 or 7.01. (not sure how long after I bought the phone)

At this very moment I have ZERO Messages or iMessages on my phone. I just deleted them all and re-booted the phone just to see if this issue went away and it did not.

What it is is shown in the two images shown below. It shows 1.1G of messages.

It's been driving me nuts. Over the months I've tried all I can think of. I am not even sure if that 1.1G is REALLY there and I really only have 3.8G of space available or if it's just a glitch and not really there and I have 4.9G of space available.

One note. When I got my iPhone last September at the Syracuse Apple Store, they transferred all of my contacts, email and messages over from my 4S via the iCloud. My 4S (deactivated) ALSO shows 1.1G even though there are no message on THAT phone. At the moment on both devices I have iCloud disabled for all choices except Find My iPhone enabled on the 5S.

Anyone have any ideas?

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