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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by alexxk, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone

    I just bought a new camera with many more settings available to change. Canon 6D

    Now.. what is really important to change under the Menu Settings?

    Only thing I did was to change the ISO Expansion to 102.400, change the color from sRGB to Adobe RGB, and RAW+Jpeg

    Is there any other settings I need to worry about? What's important to have in mind?
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    Unless you are going to be using a professional lab to print posters, setting the color to Adobe RGB won't get you much. I've always stuck with sRGB color space.

    Keep in mind, RAW+JPG takes up a lot of space on your memory card. Unless you need both formats, I'd stick with one or the other.

    The most important setting IMHO to change is Release Shutter Without Card... set that to Disable. You don't want to take a bunch of pix of your girlfriend and find out there was no card in the camera. Disabling that function will prevent the camera from firing.

    The majority are really personal preference and how you want to work. I tend to turn off a lot of the automatic functions that affect the image directly (e.g., auto lighting optimizer, lens aberration correction, etc.).
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    Personally I'd say that you should turn your iso expansion WAY down! I certainly wouldn't want my camera jumping that high as soon as light levels dropped. I don't know much about the 6D or it's files, but I'd recommend setting your maximum ISO about 6400 - 10,000.

    I also completely agree with tgara's comments above. Adobe RGB adds almost nothing - regardless of how good your monitor is, it can't match the output device anyway. Colour calibrate your monitor and sRGB will be fine.

    Does the 6D have 2 card slots? If you're shooting raw to one card & jpeg to the other then that's worthwhile. But if you're writing both raw & jpeg to the same card then just stick with plain raw & take advantage of the extra space.

    Tgara also gave great advice about the shutter release - set it so the shutter won't fire if you don't have a card in the camera. That way you won't take 20+ photographs before you realise you forgot your memory card.

    Will you shoot aperture priority or full manual? If you're going to shoot aperture priority then set up the balance between shutter speed & iso (which one will bump first & the extremes of both). If you'll shoot full manual, then turn auto ISO off.

    If you chose to shoot only raw then I'd recommend turning off Auto white balance & just leaving the camera permanently on either daylight or flash balance. This will mean all your photos are always consistent & you can make adjustments in post if required. If you're shooting jpegs to a second card slot then you'll need to make sure you are always on the correct white balance for the situation.

    If you stick with either jpeg or raw+jpeg then set how big you really need your jpegs to be. The bigger they are, the fewer images you'll fit on a card. The only time I shoot raw+jpeg is when using an eye-fi card (with the images sent wirelessly to an ipad). In this situation, quality of the jpegs isn't important to me as I have the raw file - I simply want the jpegs to be as small as possible to speed up the wireless transfer of the proof image.

    If there's an option to adjust the image saturation then I'd personally turn that to the "standard" setting (not sure what the name will be). The preview jpegs are usually too saturated & contrasty, so turning this down will better reflect what the raw image will look like on import.

    If you'll use a battery grip be sure to set up which battery gets used first - grip or internal (i always choose to use the grip battery first).

    Hope that helps - I shoot nikon so I'm not really familiar with the 6D, but most menu settings are similar across brands and models.
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