Settlers on the Mac...?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by ss957916, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Jun 17, 2009
    I used to love Settlers and am getting the urge to play it again, but it's PC only. Is there a way around this?!

    If I were to install Windows on my Mac, would I then be able to play PC games?
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    Response to questions posed

    The Strategy game released by the publishers S.S.I, called:

    "Serf City: Life is Feudal."

    It's the original game released on the 01/01/93, solely for U.S. markets.

    The company was discontinued in 2001, and started making games as far back as the Apple II, back in 1980, with Cytron Masters.

    Blue Byte was the development company, and further released and recalled the game:

    "The Settlers."

    The game was further available to European consumers, under this name.

    The producer was Thomas Hertzler.

    Programming and concepts were made by Volker Wertich.

    Graphics were fabricated by Christoph Werner.

    The music that accompanied the game, was contributed by Haiko Ruttmann.

    The gaming project manager was Stefan Piasecki.

    The game under the recalled title, was officially released and available from 1994 onwards, and discontinued a few years after in 1996, due to the release of the sequel to the game.

    If it is this game that the user name ss957916 casts a reference to, the user name ss957916 should respond in turn.

    The game could run on old Mac OS, as S.S.I. have been publishing games to run on Macintosh computers since the 1980s.

    There's some doubt you'll be able to run the game on OS X, however.

    Yes: use crossover, and use google to find crossover.

    At a reduced speed, yes.

    Running Virtual PC or using Boot Camp will reduce your computer's performance, and in turn in the performance of the game.

    Experience met with running a .exe file of Settlers II: Gold Edition from Boot Camp, have had completely poor results. Cinematic files were unwatchable, running the application for a certain period of time led to crashes, and any use of the music resulted in crashes.

    Recommendations would point to using crossover, and avoiding the full installation of another OS that runs parallel to Mac OS X.

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