Setup and mics needed for a 2 person podcast ?


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Feb 18, 2008
Long-eye Land, NY
So a friend and I are going to start doing a podcast and I really am a little confused after reading so much and watching so many YouTube videos on setips and mics.
Here's what we have and how we will work it. I have an iMac with iLife etc. But what I don't have are the mics as this will not be a video podcast. We need 2 but which 2 will work well for us and what us needed to run one that sounds good? We will be in the same room and not doing it over skyp or anything. USB mics, condensors mics etc it has gone from feeling simple to overly complex.

Thanks for any insite and help

Teej guy

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Aug 6, 2007
I'm guessing that you don't have a treated room to record in. In that case, I suggest using dynamic mics instead of condensers like the 990s. This is because dynamic mics are less sensitive and won't pick up as much room sound and background noise as condensers will. Some of the most popular mics used in radio are dynamics...the EV RE-20, Heil PR-40 and Shure SM7 (not to be confused with SM57 or 58) are three examples. I believe all three would be outside your budget though. Good models to know about if you want to upgrade in the future.

Having said that, a couple Shure SM57s (and a couple pop filters for good measure) would probably fit the bill (don't forget boom mic stands either).

This is key: you'll need an audio interface (USB or Firewire) with two mic pres in it, that'll be what you plug the mics into. This will let you set the levels for each mic and record them to two separate channels on your computer. Something like an M-Audio FastTrack Pro or something from Edirol.
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