HomeKit Setup and questions (what device for hub, Sonos/homepod, family share music playlists, etc.)

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    May 24, 2010
    So I may have gone overboard, but what we have / have coming:
    • Older hue lights, lots of them. Ordered HomeKit compatible hub
    • Older Sonos Play 3, 5, and 2 connects going to AudioEngine speakers. Ordered a Play One to see if I can bridge Sonos system to Homekit
    • New Lutron light switches and a couple of outlets
    • Homepods...lots of them (but may return)
    • multiple iPhones, iPads and in Apple TV
    • Family share plan for iCloud and Apple Music, myself as organizer
    What I want to know:
    1. What device, assuming you should only have one, should be the HomeKit hub? AppleTV 4th gen, one of the Homepods, or we have a 2018 regular iPad that now has a permanent home in the kitchen for recipes and calendars
    2. What devices am I missing that are essential/ add a lot to the capabilities. Thinking maybe motion sensors for triggers? Which are best, if so?
    3. Homepod: If I set this up under my ID can my wife use voice commands to play her playlists from family music share plan? If not, can I set them up under her ID but the rest of the homekit under mine since I am the iCloud organizer?
    4. Homepod: If we have multiple stereo pairs, but play the same music in all rooms which may have single homepods, will the stereo pairs still play in stereo?
    5. Homepod: Does anyone have a bigger setup? Seems like most have 1-4...I’ve ordered 9! Any troubles with that many? Thiinking if the sound quality is there of yanking out all of the Sonos. 1-2 in kitchen which is open to a 1500 square foot great room that has a ceiling to floor brick chimney in it...stereo pair on opposite wall from kitchen (80 feet away?), 1 or stereo pair on other wall with TV, then the rest in bedroom, laundry room (1 only) and bathroom. Too many?
    6. AppleTV sound is bad through our small 20-something inch TV (we don’t watch it much except movies). 1 homepod dedicated to it? A stereo pair? Or the new Sonos One if we keep Sonos?
    7. Sonos, Homepod or a mix: Originally planned on mix, but seems like many have performance issues doing it this way. Anyone ditch their Sonos system with real speakers / connects for Homepods?
    8. Bridges: So many! Hue has one, Sonos has one (Boost), Caseta has one, if I were to get an August Smart lock it would have one...seems like redundancy. Am I missing something? Like a unifying bridge?

      Any other tips?
    Sorry for such a long post. Anyone make it this far? ;)
  2. waw74 macrumors 68030

    May 27, 2008
    you can airplay to the "one" and then join other sonos to that, effectively letting you airplay to older non-airplay sonos.

    you can also airplay to the HomePod and the one, and connect your other sonos,

    1 - you don't get to choose, they will all be hubs, one will be active. There is no hub setting, once you sign in to your apple account, it automagically becomes a hub.

    4 - yes, the stereo pair behaves as a single unit.

    i have one homepod, and have since added a bunch of sonos, i really only use the HomePod for yelling across the room at siri.
    i have a beam with 2 play:1 for surrounds and a sub in the living room, a pair of ones in the bedroom (so i can airplay from the aTV, although i normally don't) and single play:1s in the kitchen and bath.

    90% of the time i play through sonos app
    the rest i'll airplay from phone to the beam, and let that stream everywhere else, mostly when i'm coming home or about to leave, so i don't have to find what i'm listening to on the other system.

    from what i've seen, speaker integration in home kit is kinda meh, it doesn't really provide much function.
  3. recd macrumors newbie

    Jul 19, 2007
    6. I have a stereo pair of Home pods, and 4 Sonos ones, 1 Sonos 5, a Playbar, Beam, a Sub and a turntable pugged into a Sonos Connect. To listening to TV sound A sonos 5.1 group of Playbase OR Beam with a Sub and a pair of either 1s or Ones are much better solution than the Homepods.

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