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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by CrzyCanuck72, Dec 18, 2006.

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    I currently have a G4 eMac & I'm planning on buying a Macbook C2D over the next couple weeks. I plan on using Setup Assistant (Migration Assistant?) to transfer all my prefs, apps, files, etc., but I'm concerned about how it will handle my iTunes. I currently have my actual music files on an external USB hard drive, but my iTunes Music Library file is on my eMac's internal hard drive, in the user/Music/iTunes Library folder. Ideally, I want to have iTunes on the new Macbook set up with all my current playlists, playcounts, ratings, etc. How can I do this using Setup Assistant & my external hard drive?
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    I've seen issues with people using the migration assistant to migrate their apps over. Other things seem to be ok, but its best if you install all of your apps fresh. I know, someone here is going reply back and say they use it all the time and never have any issues, but every user is different and just because you never have any issues, doesn't mean the next person won't. The odds are that you can and probably will run into issues with your apps and even reinstalling them overtop of whats there sometimes won't fix the issue(s). Also note that you're going from a PPC Mac to an Intel Mac which migrating apps over there may cause even more issues.

    Now on to iTunes:

    If you copy the iTunes Music folder from your eMac to the new Mac then you should be set. Just to be safe, I would backup your iTunes Music Folder on the eMac to your external HD if the space is available. That way if something screws up, you have a backup to refer to. All of the data for the music is stored in the iTunes Music Library file, which is inside the iTunes Music Library folder. At the very least, just make sure you transfer the iTunes Library file from the eMac to your new Mac and you should be ok. If its asks where the music is, point it to your external HD.

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