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    May 31, 2011
    I do an audio podcast, with just 2 people on vocal spoken word. I've been using Soundtrack Pro and 2 Plantronics headset/mic combinations, to much success. However, I'm wanting to branch out to doing some interviews in the field. I have an older Powerbook G4 (1.25) and I tried setting up Garageband on it and using Audio Midi Setup to create an aggregate device of the 2 headsets so that I could record them to 2 different tracks in GB. It worked great, or so I thought, and I used a portable recording device for the interviewee. When I got back home, I brought in the 2 tracks from GB to STP and then brought in the interview track, as well. I discovered that at certain times in the audio brought back from GB, that there would be times where one of the tracks was filled with static and you could barely understand the speaker. It happened on one track early in the recording and then cleared up after about 10 minutes. Then it occurred on the second track about 10 minutes before the interview ended.

    I did some research and this may be an issue with Leopard and GB and Audio Midi Setup. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the inner audio workings to know all the details. However, I did find several people on the Apple support discussion boards having similar issues, but no one could offer a suggested fix.

    So, I've got about $250 to spend and I'd like to upgrade my setup, hardware-wise, for 3 vocal inputs and I'd like each of them going to their own track for mixing in STP. I can't afford a new laptop right now, so I appear to be stuck with GB, at the moment. Would I be better off if I purchased some sort of USB-based audio mixer device that would allow for 3 inputs? Or, should I upgrade to a higher quality USB mic (thinking of the Blue Snowball) and try the above setup again, to see if GB gives me the same static issues that I had with the cheap Plantronics headsets?


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