Setup help: HTPCs, iMacs, and laptops

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Capt Crunch, May 15, 2009.

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    Here's my setup right now:

    I have a pimped out 2.8 C2D iMac which is 15' from my HDTV. Connected is a drobo, and there are long cables which connect the iMac to my HDTV and receiver. My wife has a MBP. The cables are minor annoyances, but what's more annoying is that IR receiver is far away from the TV and I cannot use the TV and iMac at the same time. I also watch movies on the iMac and would like to keep the ability to stream 1080P to both the TV and iMac.

    I need a laptop for school. I'll be doing some simulation programming so while any laptop can handle some light work, I'll need a quick computer at home. Additionally, I need at least a 2.0C2D connected to the HDTV to play 1080P.

    One option is to just get a laptop. I'm leaning towards an MBA because I'm going to be carrying everywhere every day. However I'll need to sync all the documents that I'm working on. Is this easily done? Something that can be done automatically and relatively quickly? Downsides are the ones mentioned above.

    The second option I've thought about is a MBA as a primary computer and a quad-core hackintosh (with Drobo) under the HDTV. I'd get a cinema display and an ethernet-to-USB adapter to stream 1080P to the MBA. I would control the hackintosh with Remote Desktop and dump any long simulations on the quad core. Are there any downsides or potential annoyances to this setup?

    Thanks everyone.
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    You know honestly, I'm just using my MacBook Air as a primary computer because typing to sync everything is a pain in the ass and gets complicated. However, times where the air doesn't have enough power to run my stuff, I just copy the file over to the Mac Pro, work on it, then transfer it back

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