Seven Questions Regardind the Macbook and Its Cooler Brother.

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by libraritine, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. libraritine macrumors member

    Jun 12, 2007
    Hello I have several questions regarding purchasing a mac, (I'm deeply sorry if these questions have already been asked).
    I am deciding between a Low-end Macbook Pro and a high end white Macbook with 2GB ram and 160GB of storage. I would use this Macbook for writing, internet, downloading multimedia, moviemaking, musicmaking and picturemaking. I am not a professional with movie making and such, but I do hope to try and develope my skills with such programs as final cut express. I know the Macbook can deliver and fulfil my artistic whims at the moment and have heard that the macbook pro is only required for hardcore 3D editing, but in the future will the macbook be able to satisfy amatuer-quasi-semiprofessional work.
    I am not a big gamer, and I hate FPS. Although I dont mind Third Person Shooters like MGS.
    I like RTS or RPG games or Soccer games. Would the Macbook suffice? I have read some threads and basically yes but low resolutions. I'm fine with that, but what if I get invited to a LAN party? They will all laugh at me and enjoy triumphing over macs. Where as if I got a Macbook Pro I could play graphically intense games with them.
    I would want the Macbook to last a minimum of 3 years, but would a Macbook Pro last longer because of the 4GB option and such.
    The design of the Macbook really appealed to me, but the Pro also looks nice and powerful. What do you reckon looks better? How helpful is the Anti-glare screen and illuminated keyboard?
    I am going to buy the Mac in October for reasons; 1)That's when I will have enough money 2)Leopards coming out.
    What are the chances that a new updated Macbook will be out by then and will it be cheaper?
    I could settle for the Macbook easily, but the Pro is tempting and for a small price extra ($600 Australian, so i guess around $500 American).

    So my questions were;
    1/What exactly is the Pro better at software wise, what are Intense 3D apps?
    2/Is the Pros Graphics worth honour over PC geeks and some good rare gaming?
    3/Would the Pro last longer?
    4/Which looks better? How helpful is the Anti-glare screen and illuminated keyboard?
    5/Would the Macbook be cheaper and upgraded in October so it suited my needs?
    6/Is $600AUD worth upgrading to the Macbook Pro.
    7/Anything else better about the Pro?
  2. Igantius macrumors 65816

    Apr 29, 2007
    There are lots and lots of threads about this kind of thing – worth having checking out so you can get as much research for yourself. But…

    1) The main advantage MBP has in running GPU rather the CPU intensive software. Worth reading some reviews etc about this.
    2) Not quite sure what you mean here. The MBP is a lot better for 3D gaming, but it doesn’t sound you’re too much of a gamer, and if the gaming experience was your paramount concern, I wouldn’t recommend a laptop.
    3) Entirely depends what your needs are or how long you are looking to keep the machine. You’ve said at least 3 years and I think you’ll be more than fine with a MB.
    4) This is very much a matter of opinion, I’m afraid. If you can, I would go to a store and see for yourself. The illuminated keyboard is useful for low-light conditions.
    5) The current MB would suit your needs more than adequately. No one knows when the next update will be – most likely anyway between Nov and Jan – and it’s unlikely to come down in price.
    6) That entirely depends on the user’s needs – no idea of what that $600AUD equates to sterling of US $.
    7) Check the various news reports, threads etc etc

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