Several 10.7.3 server issues since instal

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by glasserp, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I installed 10.7.3 server via Software Update last week when it was released. Since then I've been experiencing several issues and could really use some help or advice. I installed the standard update and not the combo. I then installed the combo update but still ran into problems.

    Note: My 2011 MBP has my optical drive removed and I replaced it with an SSD (my start-up disc) and use my other HDD as iTunes storage.

    My iTunes library has been damaged and it appears about 119/120 GB of my music is missing, although my iTunes music folder still says that it is 120 GB large. Some apps don't open at all (DropBox, iTunes (an iTunes component is missing),, any .dmg I download). It seems like every 3-4 restarts I get continuous kernel panics immediately.

    I tried fixing disc permission and verifying/repairing the SSD and at one point it said repair failed and to reformat the drive. I waited a couple of hours and retried again and it repaired successfully, but I've since run into the same problems.

    Should I try and reinstall the combo update again? Restore from a Time Machine backup? Is my SSD dying or is there some incompatibility with 10.7.3?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm a grad student and time/data are very valuable.
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    I too had problems with a similar setup when I tried to install the server component.
    Mine was more drastic: the MBP wouldn't boot.
    I ended up re-installing 10.7.0 then updating via the 10.7.3 combo update and everything worked out fine, although I get lots of ACL fix notifications in Disk Utility every time I repair permissions.

    As far as installing OS X without a DVD drive, I had created a partition on an external FW 800 drive that has a 10.7.0 install disk on it. You can do this via Disk Utility using the "restore" tab and using a disk image or DVD to create an exact copy of the install disk.

    Back up your data first, but 10.7 does an "archive and install" by default, so your preferences and files should all be in the same place.

    P.S. If you're worried about the SSD, I recommend you check out Trim Enabler. It has good SMART monitoring tools for SSDs and of course enables TRIM for all SSDs that support it, which is important.

    Hope you fix your problems!
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    Apr 4, 2008
    Detroit, MI
    Interesting that you ran into similar problems. Eventually I got the folder with ? mark and it became unbootable. I got my iPhoto and music off the second hard drive, erased it and then restored it to my time machine back up from that fateful day I decided to update. everything is fine now, but i'm not using the SSD now for anything as I'm worrieed it has some bad "blocks" or is corrupted. I don't want to put anything else on it in case the SSD is dead or dying and I lose more data.
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