Several apps don't even think about starting (virus??).

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jmcdon10, Jun 24, 2008.

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    Jun 24, 2008
    I had to reinstall Office 2004, because somehow my VBA got wiped and I needed it to run EndNote. I just dragged the folder from the install disk, and then realized that Word wouldn't start. It didn't just fail to start –it didn't even seem to start to start. It would spend about half a second in the dock and then disappear without an error message or anything.

    So I did all the usual stuff, reinstall using the installer, wiping the prefs, etc.

    But now it's doing it with my soulseek client, ssX. So I'm thoroughly spooked... there should be no connection between these things. This doesn't sound like just a problem with office, but I'm at a total loss to explain this, I can't even imagine what would cause it. On a PC I would have guessed a virus but I would be pretty shocked to be the first person ever to get an OSX virus.

    Anyone ever heard of anything like this?
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    Try verifying the disk and its permissions. If it throws some errors then it may be worth trying a repair permissions and / or repair disk (you'll need your install CD/DVD to run disk repair the start volume)
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    Sometimes we had to rebuild the prelinked bindings to fix that.

    Now it cannot be done in the current OS, but sometimes updating dyld shared cache will do the above.

    Though that is "supposed" to be checked and updated on a restart or two, or was that during updates.

    So try looking for a how to on update_dyld_shared_cache

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