Several issues with my MacBook Pro, will this qualify for a replacement?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by iBookG4user, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Jun 27, 2006
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    I have had some problems with my MacBook Pro ever since I got it, but some were resolved when I sent it in for repair last time, but some new ones showed up after I got it back. The old issues that are still present on my MacBook Pro are the whine, the MacBook Pro overheating when it goes to sleep (does not do it consistently), the battery still fluctuates in capacity, and it sometimes does not wake up from sleep (Yes I have all the updates). Last time I sent it in to Apple they replaced the top casing (I don't know why though, none of my old issues revolved around it), the screen and the battery.

    The current issues with my MacBook Pro are the whine, the battery fluctuating in capacity, the MacBook Pro sometimes overheats while it's asleep, the top casing is not flush with the case (which makes it creaky in some areas) and the MacBook Pro sometimes does not wake up from sleep.

    I'd really like to just get a replacement on it because I need this computer for various things and I really can't live without it. This would be my second repair on it, do you think I could get a replacement?
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    Not be frank but no way will you get a replacement after one repair.

    I was informed by the Apple Tech that my next problem would equate to a replacement system being issued. I have been through two logic board/daughter board replacements, a screen replacement, a battery replacement, and an optical drive replacement before being informed of the possibility of a replacement.

    Not to be crass but the system is just as important as your data (which I assume you have some sort of backup method in place) and if it is truly needed there should be a back up system.

    It is just like a new car and it's warranty, they are very hesitant to take back or replace a car when they have not exhausted all possible methods to fix/resolve the problems at hand.

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