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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sbb155, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I just bought and activated a new 3GS, and I love it compared to my BB, but I have several questions.
    1. With my BB, for texts and emails, I had it set so the LED light would blink, so from across the room, I could tell that I had a text or email waiting for me. Vibration or Sounds are not practical for my situation, which i care not to delve into. Is there any way the iphone can visually alert of a message, without logging in to it?
    2. I have my iphone password protected, as I need it for corporate security. However, when I do get a text, it fully comes up on the screen PRIOR to my login, even if the iphone is locked! How can that be avoided?
    3. How do I make it so the PW cannot be easily seen by anyone else? The PW is only 4 numbers long, and the keys light up when one's finger touches them, so it is obvious to any casual observer what one's password is! How can the password be made more effective?

    I like the iphone, but the above security and notification issues are a problem for me, I am sure there is an easy fix?
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