Sex Party 1.1 with GameCenter!!!

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    Sep 30, 2010
    Hello everybody!!!

    To celebrate the release of the new version of the erotic iPhone Game Sex Party, we are making a contest and you could win an iPAD!!!

    Wanna participate? You only need to download the game and add our user as friend in GameCenter. You have the details here >

    The application let you play with your couple, special friend, recently new friend at disco, etc etc etc to three differents kind of games:

    - The typical erotic dice (Ex. KISS LIPS)
    - Another kind of game more spicy
    - Kamasutra

    You can use some tricks for show always the same result. Its means that you can lie to the other person and get always 'oral sex' or 'kiss lips'... The application has the GameCenter integrated in the way that you have a Leaderboard of 'shakes' and you can unlock a game mode.

    And here you have some screenshot of the application.

    I Hope that you enjoy our application and maybe the iPad could be yours

    Screenshot 2010.09.15 01.52.34.png Screenshot 2010.10.06 19.29.31.png Screenshot 2010.10.06 19.31.59.png Screenshot 2010.10.06 19.32.08.png Screenshot 2010.10.06 19.30.01.png
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