SF Bags Ultimate Sleeve or InCase Maki


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Nov 22, 2008
I've had the SF Bags Ultimate Sleeve so I can answer questions you may have on it. Had it since the original iPad (1st Gen) and have used it up to the new iPad that launched last week. It's a wonderful sleeve with plenty of room and protection. It's what I use to put my iPad in my backpack and travel bag. I got the unit with the leather bottom and it's aged well with no visible wear. I also have the Apple Smart Cover which first within the SF Ultimate Sleeve. Others may be able to speak to the other choices in your selection.


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Jun 29, 2007
If you like the design of the waterfield cases, then I say get them. I have been buying them for over a decade and even my earlier ones still look like new and never have any threads or seams come apart. I buy a case or sleeve for each of my computers and typically any electronic product that I know that I will be using outside of the home for a good amount of time.

If you want something that will last go with waterfield. Their fits are good if you get the case for the right use.


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Jul 22, 2010
In my opinion, sleeves that are just sleeves are completely out of the running. I think in order to be a complete solution they need to offer the capability of being some kind of stand as well. I like the WF bags or whatever they are called, but I don't feel like carrying another stand or case for the iPad.

I'd get the Maki out of those choices, but that's just me. I'd also look at the Switcheasy Trig.