sfbags HINT leather sleeve with window- Great sleeve/pouch!

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    Here is a video review of sfbags Hint leather sleeve with a unique window on the front. $25 and real leather. Good quality, and I think good drop protection.

    I got it last week, and find it very practical for protecting my naked phone when not in use.

    I like that it is long enough to protect the end of the phone: my Sena Ultra Slim is a bit short and leaves the bevel and metal end exposed.

    The screen works great for short SMS, email or browsing.


    A macrumors post with more photos is here:http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=17032509&postcount=758

    I'm enjoying this case very much, as it hits all the points I need for a sleeve case, when the iPhone 5 is used bare or 'naked', as the term is used. In particular, the clear window is very unique, and have only seen that design for phone exercise bands. Having it in a nice leather package is the attraction...and I'm finding the black mesh more useful than I imagined. I didn't intend to get a wallet case, but this is very useful for the gym, earphones, credit cards, cash, and other things.
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    Some photos:

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    Another useful purpose for the rear mesh: I've lost several BT devices before. Now a place for my Jawbone.


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