SFWordprocessing plug-in error and iWeb

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    SFWordprocessing plug-in error
    Hello all,
    I hope this location is right for this topic, I know other have had this problem too.
    I've nearly come the the end of line with the SFWordprocessing plug-in error and its crashing of my iWeb site and the ilife studio. For as long as Leopard as been out, this still is not solved with Apple. There is not much here either that I could find at first glance. Ive been with upper level T2 techs at apple, 1.5 hours long distance, used their console data capture report. Their engineers say its fonts but offer no fix. I just can not trust iLife 09, Leopard and my business website any longer. I do not need a fancy site, iWeb is / was all I needed. Last gasp for help here folks, any suggestions other then deleting the plists, assets, and starting fresh, cause fresh did not help. I am using Mac Office 2004 and life was good before my upgrading.

    I can send the data report to anyone who may be of help, thanks in advance!

    MBP Intel 2gig ram
    Thanks, Dan
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    Dec 31, 2008
    Hi guys, i am having the same problem just all of a sudden. I am getting the sfwordprocessing plug-in error with one of my sites using iweb 09 version 3.01. The other site i have is working fine.


    I opened up terminal in iweb and i am getting this as well

    2009-04-04 15:28:51.133 iWeb[449:10b] Initializing drawable (BLMediaInfo), found orphaned style. Returning nil.
    Bus error

    How does one go about fixing this error. Thanks for you help

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