SG Alu GPS vs Silver SS


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Jul 28, 2018
Hi. Welcome to another comparison thread. Before I begin to explain my situation I know that everyone has to choose for himself. I just want to hear your opinion and what you would do in my situation.

My first choice is SBSS, but since you can't find that model in UK and pre-order isn't an option (long story) I have to decide asap between Space Gray Aluminium GPS vs Silver Stainless Steel.
I'll just list the factors in my situation:

- That will be my first AW.
- Aluminium GPS model, because there is no support for e-sim in my country.
- Money isn't a problem, but the situation is 429GBP for GPS -vs- 749GBP + 49GBP (new band) for SS.
- Still won't brake my bank account, but as you see the gap is very big.
- I hate the white sport band, so definetely I will need an another one.
- I care about my look and I like things that feels premium.
- The SS model will match my iPhone X Silver which I haven't decided whether I'll upgrade to Xs Space Gray or not (probably not).
- I protect my stuff, so I am not stressed about scratches on both watches.
- I really prefer the black color, but also want to feel it premium.

So, what you would do?

PS: I don't mind if you wanna convince me with actual photos of both models.

PS 2: Sorry for my english.


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Sep 10, 2018
If the money is not a big deal, you want it to feel premium and you don't like the sport band, then silver SS with the Milanese Loop band seems like a good choice for you. Just got that combo for myself, also my first AW, and I love it.
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Aug 16, 2007
Just get the gps aluminum model. Especially since the LTE is not compatible with your carrier. Both are nice watches but the resell on the stainless is garbage and since you won’t be using LTE there is no reason to pay the premium to have it on top of the premium for the stainless steel case. Being your first AW, you might realize you don’t use the watch all that often. Test it out with the cheaper aluminum version. In the long run you’ll lose less money.
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