Shady vendor for "Brand New" MBA

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    If you chase the link and go to the Shop Mac -> Macbook Air, you'll see that they're selling the Late 2008 (!) model -- the one that had the trackpad clicker on a narrow strip at the bottom of the trackpad and took either an SSD or an HDD. There's no mention in the ad that this model came out 3.5 years ago. For that ancient machine, these prices seem way too high.

    There's no info on where the company is located or any customer service phone or e-mail contacts. The return policy only allows returns for unopened product. All of the weights on the site are listed in grams, and they are all wrong. The MBA is listed with a weight of 3.00 grams. This appears to be a "lost in translation" mistake.

    I think you should pull these ads.
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    from the privacy policy link:


    There are no guarantees made that any actions you take as a result of following any information on this site will increase your income.


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    All brand names and product names used on this website are trade names, service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Futhermore, no mentioned product or brand endorses this website. is a resource and provides information on baby car seat covers.
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    The vendor has updated the website today. The MBAs being sold appear to be the current model, as do the Macbook Pros: current processors, specs, and OS X 10.7. Last week's version of the site also listed AL Macbooks which were introduced near the end of 2008 and retired early in 2009; that page is now gone. You can see the page selling those Macbooks from this page in Google's cache.

    The MBAs are listed with a weight of 3.00 Grams; the MBPs are listed at 1.00 Grams. That's more amusing than anything else; I presume the vendor will sort that out. I'm also amused by the strange statements on the privacy policy page for the site.

    The company lists no e-mail or phone contact information on the website (but they did in their press release). It also seems a bit strange for a company located in Brooklyn to have a .eu domain name.

    These guys appear now to be selling current product. Listing ancient products with no warning to customers was my main objection. I still don't gat a good vibe from this business and wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but it's not really MR's job to vette advertisers.

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