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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Shadyriley, Jan 10, 2013.

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    I took back my iPad 3 amd got the iPad Mini Black/Slate 16gb LTE Verizon with Rocketfish back snap case and gray Smart Cover. I have been using it the entire day.

    * Size/weight : I really like how I can hold it forever without my arms getting tired. Going from iPad 2 to iPad 3 I always hated the size, too freakin big and heavy, I usually had to lay it in my lap most of the time. iPad Mini on the other hand is so light and the size is great.

    * Design: love just looking at the light gloss across the chamfered edge and love how it feels and looks.

    * Browsing Internet: At first I didn't like how even the Internet looked mini. Even the banners and when you hold down on a link the little box comes up and it's all mini too. But I got used to it. iPad Mini in portriat mode - forget about it. Can't read a damn thing, text is way too small.

    * Display: Honestly, I don't notice much of a difference from iPad 3. I zoomed in on text and didn't see any pixels. My eye sight is not 20/20 so maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe it was a LITTLE more crisp on iPad 3 but the extra weight and size are not worth retina display. I have no problem with the display on iPad mini.

    * Typing: Love the keyboard, very nice width to type on. However, I really don't like the feel. The glass is thinner than the iPads and it makes more noise when typing, which gives it a cheap feel.

    * Watching Movies: Had a great experience watching Netflix on it last night. I was lying down in the dark and it seemed like the screen was just as big as the iPad for some reason.

    * Apps: everything seems to work fine with apps, except for Facebook messenger, which is an iPhone app, but when I went into it, a few times it froze and I couldn't type and I kept having to kill it and same thing happened. I have had other apps like Flipboard and safari crash on me a couple times.

    So far I like it, especially the LTE, but it's weird because I'm paying $30 a month for that and I have my cell phone I'm already paying for, which is an iPhone 4S and it is a smaller version of the mini basically, so I'm having a hard time justifying that...

    I got the mini because I was planning on ditching Sprint and getting a ****** phone to go on tmobiles $30/month plan, and paying $20 less a month than my sprint bill for both devices....

    But I decided I'm going to stick with Sprint as they are rolling out LTE in Los Angleles and I'm getting the iPhone 5S in June, if they ever get rid of their unlimited plans...I want to be grandfathered in. So I'm thinking of returning the iPad mini and waiting for iPad 5 to come out. Maybe get the 4 in the meantime and sell it to get iPad 5.
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    It's great isn't it?...certainly agree with what you have written here....having read so many threads about how the text is rubbish and unreadable I couldn't believe how good it was when I eventually viewed one myself!
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    Forgot to mention one thing:

    * Battery Life: I left my place at 10am with the battery at 97%. Started using it at around 11am when i got to work (I have a lot of downtime). Played Spider-Man and watched Netflix an hour combined at full brightness. Browsed the web, Flipboard, Facebook, iMessage at 50% brightness for most of the day. I used the LTE for a good hour throughout the day when I wasn't in wifi range. I was also streaming Spoitfy the whole time aim was using it. It is now 5:15am the next day and I'm on 5% battery. I haven't charged it at all. Been using lowest brightness since 11%.


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