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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Imhotep397, Aug 7, 2009.

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    While it is potentially interesting to have so many applications under the AutoDesk roof, IF they ever actually get the stuff work harmoniously, more competition is always batter than less. The link below directs you to an online petition for Apple to continue the development of Shake. Please consider co-signing if you have any interest in continued Shake development for the improvement of the 3D and VFX community.

    Shake 5 Petition Online
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  3. Imhotep397 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 22, 2002
    I tend to think Apple may deal with it a little differently especially considering a highschool kid got a new Mac and FCS just for sending a note to Steve Jobs' email which everybody knows is probably always swamped.
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    Didn't apple state all along that Shake was not going to be an application that will continue to see updates and at some point it will be EOL'd and that is exactly what happened.

    So I doubt very much any sort of petition drive will work, regardless of his online petitions tend not to work anyways.

    Edit: I just looked at your petition and you currently have 6 (as of 08/07/09 13:30) so that should be more then enough to convince apple :p
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    Jul 22, 2002
    First...the number of Academy award winning projects, and major film studios that standardized their compositing workflow around Shake should be enough to convince Apple to continue the product, the petition is just a bit of additive push.

    As to the other question about Shake being EOL'd Dion Scoppettuolo, the Shake and Motion lead developer, was interviewed by FXGuide and clearly said that the next generation of Shake was in the works. (The Future of Shake...) Had that not occurred a lot of this petition stuff would have happened back then. 50% of me still believes that the development of the next generation of Shake is heavily dependent on the improvements coming in Snow Leopard which is why it's not out and it will be released at that time along with a 64-bit version of FCS finally. iTunes doesn't really need "SuperComputer" level efficiency in multi-threading and multi-core operation so all of those OS advancements that Apple has been working on for almost two years is really for the "Pro" market. I could wait until the Snow Leopard release to see whether the next Shake is actually going to be released, but I don't have the advantage of having a huge blow horn to get people involved so I'm starting early.
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    Doesn't really matter, because Apple said it isn't. They'll put Shake features into Motion and be done with it.

    Nope. Final Cut Studio 3 JUST came out. If there will be anything special for Snow Leopard, it will be released as a point update or in two years when they do Final Cut Studio 4.

    I feel that they don't care about the pro market and that, yes, the advancements are for the average user.

    I just bought Shake 4 from a physical Apple Store (last copy) simply because. I know how good Shake is at doing what it does, so I got it before it was gone completely. I still feel they'll put what Shake was into Motion and call it a day.
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    Sorry, but Shake is done. All the petitions in the world is not going to bring it back. While Apple has stopped development, the rest of the world has moved on. You can get more robust applications such as Combustion or Nuke - and a lot of the industry has moved onto those packages. Shake is dead and buried, get used to it.

    And even in the EXTREME remote chance that you could convince Apple to continue with Shake, it would be cost prohibitive because they have essentially abandoned the platform awhile ago. The only chance for Apple to continue is to release a brand new application to supersede Shake- but don't hold your breath, it would have to run on the iPhone for Apple to take interest. ;)
  8. Imhotep397 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 22, 2002

    I understand what you're saying. I've used flame/inferno, I've used combustion from version 2-4 (a lot of things in there sucked.) I used Shake and now with the few times I have to do compositing stuff I do use Nuke. The issue for me is not as much about having an "Apple made" compositing app as it is about there being more options available and having a first party compositing app that actually takes advantage of all of the computers resources without having to hire a coding staff to rewrite half of it's functionality via scripting or writing a separate compositing mini app that just exploits the parallel advantages of the GPUs that are here now and will be more prominent as we move forward. Apple is building multicore technologies based on what hardware is being developed NOW and and they are building OpenCL into the OS at a deep level. It's their intent to write pro apps that really take advantage of that, I'd like Shake to be part of that groups of apps that benefits. Unfortunately, I have very little faith in the idea that 3rd party developers will fully adapt the software just because they have to develop for multiple platforms and all of the OSes will have different implementations of of these kinds of technologies.

    With AutoDesk now including Toxik with Maya there are going to be even less people buying combustion, so I wouldn't be surprised if they kill that off soon. Toxik bundled with Maya is also going to push on a lot of other compositing application sales numbers as well. I haven't played around with Toxik much, but so far it seems to be more robust, predictable and stable than combustion, it's probably even with Fusion, but not as advanced as Nuke without any real 3D operations. Apple hasn't made any official announcement even with all of the rumors flying around so either haven't gotten around to making the press release to say that Shake is done or, it's not actually done. It'll be nice to here something official from Apple one way or another soon though.
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    Jul 22, 2002
    I don't know that I agree with that since Final Cut was released in-sync with the roll out of the new MacPros. Apple probably wanted a spike in MacPro sales and didn't want to give up it's exclusivity window on the new xeon processors. To me anyway, it just seems like they released what they had that would run without Snow Leopard. All the "Under the Hood" improvements that are going in to Snow Leopard are only going to be most beneficial to Apple's Pro apps.

    The official press release may be coming, but thus far Apple hasn't officially said that they are contradicting their 2006 statement that they were developing a next generation of Shake. If their intent is to say that Motion 4 is that I think they would/wil have an official press release for that.

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