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    Enjoy the wisdom of Fortune Cookies. Share A Cookie. Available on the App store

    You like a Fortune Cookie and would like to share it with all the users of this app? Do a good deed and let others take part in it. Submit your piece of wisdom from within the app and have your name shown. With the next update of the app everybody can see your fortune cookie.


    The rules for submitting your cookie are simple:

    * The cookie must be new and not yet in the list
    * It must be in English or German language
    * Wisdom must be suitable for all ages and all audiences.
    * If more than one person submits the same wisdom all names will be shown in alphabetical order. (No, you can’t have aaaa or similar as your name)
    * Updates will done as soon as possible but will depend on Apple’s review process

    Share A Cookie works on iOS 3 and 4 and it supports the Retina Display of the iPhone 4. If you are on iOS3 you will be missing out on the iAds. You can still submit your favorite Cookie and share it with your friends.

    Questions, comments, and any kind of feedback please put here or send using the Feedback button inside Share A Cookie.

    And please leave a rating in the App Store for this app. Thanks!

    - Olaf
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    Aug 28, 2008
    Hello again,

    I have received a few Cookies that I have added to the app. Plan is to submit an updated version to Apple this evening.

    There are downloads from all over the place and I am located in Italy. So let's explain "evening": my evening will be Friday morning for the US, Friday evening for Europe and Africa and the morning of Saturday for Australia and the pacific region.

    If you would like to add your cookie to Share A Cookie please send it soon. There will be ongoing updates but if you like to make it this week: hurry.

    Did I say it's free?


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