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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by kladda, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Hi guys!
    Would like to start of by apologizing for my spelling and phrasing och words.

    Ok, so here is the deal:
    I work at a company that are going to buy 25-30 iPhones and hand out to all empolyes. The CEO asked me to look into how to regulate some of the info people put on there devices.

    First of, i tried the structure that one "master phone" is the one that supply all the apps via "Automaticly download apps from other..." and that worked as long as the App Store was enabled throu "Restrictions". Otherwise it will only say "Waiting" on the download status of the app.
    Is this app transfer using Apple ID och iCloud to transfer the app?
    I ask becouse Apple ony allow 10 devices using the same Apple ID but unlimited number of devices on a iCloud-account, right?

    We would like the "master phone" also to be able to control a calender (ofc users can have there own aswell), some standard contacts and some of them to be restricted from App Store.

    Since we cant share apps from the Master Phone when we restrict App Store i guess we just dont give the user the password to the Apple ID and the he/she wont be able to download any apps. The user can only change Apple ID once every 90 days so, we will notice if they try to jump between accounts.

    BUT this will take 3 diffrent Apple IDs (to cover all phones) and the CEO cant supply apps from a Master Phone to more then 10 devices per 90 days, since he cant log out and change account.Right??

    What we will miss is also iCloud backing all the devices up. 25+ devices backing up to one iCloud account.. hmm wounder if 50GB is enough.. :/

    i dont see this set up as ideal..any ideas how we can do this diffrently?

    oh, and i forgot do say; some (almost all of them) are running Mic. Exchange. so contacts and calendar via iCloud will only be some standard stuff that the CEO wants to be able to automatically push to everyone.

    Hope you all got what we're aiming for here and what we would like to accomplish.

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    We're about to pilot with Mobile Iron.

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