Share internet between two macs via BT?

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    I have a MacBook which connects to the internet via Airport.. now I just got in a Mac Pro without the airport card installed.. is it possible to get the mac pro online by sharing the MacBook's internet via bluetooth?

    I paired them both via bluetooth.. and turned on internet sharing on the macbook.. but the MP still can't browse anything. Am I doing something wrong? :confused:
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    Sep 25, 2004
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    I know it's not the answer you want, but pony up the $49 for the Airport card! The sharing is going to require the laptop to be available, booted up, unslept, and may degrade performance of both machines.

    As a backup, why can't you just share via ethernet? The useful range of Bluetooth for data is small, small enough that it should be in short ethernet cable range...

    EDIT: After further research, it appears there is no user-installable Airport card for the Mac Pro! Now I see your dilemma, that truly sucks. I can't believe they would do that.
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    If it were configurable it would be under the Sharing preference pane, but it doesn't appear to be a built-in option.'


    There is an option in the Bluetooth Pref. Pane under "Advanced..." that appears to allow internet sharing.
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    Yeah, that's a dumb move on Apple's part. It makes absolutely no sense.

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