All iPads Share iPad Screen on University Network

Discussion in 'iPad' started by t2stone, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Sep 29, 2013
    The title basically says it all. With the new Office apps out (and I am subscribed to 365 University) I was hoping to find a way to do presentations from my iPad with PowerPoint. The cool pen and laser tools are just too cool to pass up and I do quite a few presentations. I just have a problem getting the iPad to VGA projectors in a University settings (with all the network pitfalls). It gets stickier when you consider I am a student which means no permanent setups, I need something I can quickly throw together and take right back down.

    My options as I see them:
    1. I am willing to purchase an ATV, but I would also have to buy an adapter and I would prefer to avoid this. Plus I am not sure how well it work work on a public network getting slammed by thousands of college students.

    2. I could wire but then I have a wire coming off the iPad and that isn't all that practical.

    3. AirServer or other similar service. The problem is the wired and wireless networks are different and I would need to install it on University computers - something they frown quite strongly on.

    4. Any other ideas?

    Thanks! :D
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    I've used the ATV in a classroom and it works perfectly with the iPad. I demonstrated it for the IT folks and they were impressed and will be getting ATVs for each lecture hall.

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