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    Hi I’m after a step by step guide if it’s possible to do the following please.

    My wife and I have just had our first child and it’s really important that we keep up to date with each other’s appointments and child care arrangements, in light of this is it possible for me to see her calendar and for her to see mine on our iPhone’s if so how please.

    Thanks Nathan
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    Cheapest way (free) would be to set up calendars at two Gmail accounts. If you're not already using Gmail, you can set up the accounts and just use the calendars if you wish.

    You can export your current calendars (from iCal?) and import them to the Google calendars, pick calendar colors at Google, then subscribe to them as CalDav on your phones and desktop. For read only of spouse calendar, set up the proper sharing at Google.
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    Not sure but try this.

    I am on SL and MM.


    Open iCal
    Make a new cal, or right click on the one you want to share.
    Then select Share Calendar.
    Type in your wife's email addy or contact from addy book
    She should get an email stating there is a shring request.
    Now after she accepts, every update- both ways you can both see live.

    ***this is not on iCloud, but MM. Someone please confirm for OP this is still the steps.

    Follow up OP

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