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    If you use BetterTouchTool, post a screenshot of your gestures so we might discover new ways we can use this awesome app. Here's mine:

    How to:
    Open BTT preferences window, hit Cmd-Shift-4 and then Spacebar and click on the BTT window. The screenshot should now be on your desktop so all you have to do is upload it. I used but you can use what you like of course.
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    Been using BTT for a long time now - anyone who isn't using it or its equivalent) is missing out and not using the touchpad (or magic mouse) to its full potential.

    Here's my gestures for Safari, also setup for my usual browser Opera.

    Makes web browsing really nice and easy -
    3 finger swipe up - to move to tab to the left of one you're on now
    3 finger swipe down - to move to tab to the right

    3 finger swipe left - to move 'back' in your tab browsing history, ie it;s the browswer 'back' button
    3 finger swipe right - to move 'forward' ie reverse of above

    3 finger tap - on any link will open it in a new tab

    tip-tap right to open a new tab
    tip-tap left to close a tab (I've also set this up as a universal Mac wide gesture to close any App window or App)


    ps just noticed i haven't setup the forward/back gestures for Safari - shows you how often i use Safari... having had another look in Safari, I can't see any built-in shortcuts to assign for the forward/back - ah well.

    pps in Opera, I've also got a 4 finger tap assigned to open the 'panels' which gives me quick access to the built-in email client (no need for any other email app etc)

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