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    I have a question as we move from Mobile Me to iCloud.

    We are a family of four, and I want all of my families computers to be able to use any purchased OSX Apps, IOS Apps, and iTunes Media. We also want each of us to have our own individual mobile me (soon to be iCloud) accounts.

    Assuming we have the following hypothetical Apple Accounts/Mobile Me accounts:
    • (this has been our main apple ID for all iTunes, books, Mac App store purchases to date)
    • (registered, never used)
    We also each have a account currently under mobile me.
    I want to make sure that if any of us buys an app, media or whatever, that we all have access. I also want each of us to have our own separate documents, playlists, photo streams, email, etc... just like we do now with mobile me.

    I have the following questions:
    1. Do we just keep using our "" apple ID for purchases?
    2. Will I need to switch to "" once we move to iCloud, and if so, do we lose our purchase history?
    3. Will we each still have our own individual accounts as well if we share the common family account?
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    wondering similar thoughts.
    My wife and I share one iTunes account. sharing songs and apps/books

    BUT, I know she would not need all my contacts or photos I take to go right to her iPhone.
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    From what we know you will do the same as now.

    1. Yes

    2. No. See 1 above

    3. Yes. They will upgrade to iCloud Accounts here

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