Shared folder that multiple people can upload to?

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    Doing a project that involved people from around the world sending me video testimonials that will be edited together.

    I want to offer an easy way for people to upload their testimonials to a single folder that I can then share with my editor.

    What's the best way?

    Not everyone has dropbox, and I don't want every user to have access to every file in the folder. Just a simple link that will allow people to upload where I can access everything.

    Making this work with dropbox would be great, but I can't seem to find information on how to do this online.

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
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    Sep 13, 2006
    I've looked into Entourage Box in conjunction with google drive and it seems complicated.

    Made a new google account as entourage box requires access that I don't want to give it to my personal or work accounts, and then it gave me all these errors, and the account couldn't authenticate, it wouldn't generate a link, wanted me to pay for something I couldn't make sense of...

    anyone out there? help?
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    Have you thought about creating an iCloud account just for this purpose? I'm not sure if the folks who need to submit would be all on Macs or some on PCs, but since it can be a browser based system, it should work cross platform. If you use it for uploads only that might work. Anyone with the username and password could access it, so it might not be the most secure if you don't trust others (who might change settings etc.) but it would be a quick solution I would think.

    There may be a way to make it upload only, which I used to do with MobileMe for folks I work with, but I haven't tried this with iCloud yet. Hopefully someone else with chime in with possible pros/cons of working like this.


    Looks like I spoke to soon. I went to the area and there doesn't appear to be the ability to load files there, unless they are part of iWork or your iOS device files.

    I have file sharing turned on on my Mac which lets me access files from across the internet. There is also a public/drop box folder on a Mac which should give similar access, I just have never used that. I'll see what I can dig up and post if I find something useful.
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    I'm not an expert on his either, but I think Dropbox would be the best solution for you. I don't think you could make an upload only, but you could either have everyone put the videos in a shared folder that everyone would have access to, or upload them and they would send a link to the video for you. So only you and them would have the link to the video which you could send to the editor. Plus, you could earn 500MB of dropbox storage from everyone that doesn't have Dropbox. :D
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    A Dropbox/Google Drive/Box/OneDrive folder syncing service is difficult to coordinate since individuals may already be using one or more of those services. Sounds like your people will only need to send you something one or two times, anyway.

    I say use for files too large for email. They can upload files up to 5GB and then email you the link.

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