Shared Photo Stream & Deleting Photos on Iphone


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Sep 25, 2014
Hi guys,

Ok so I have shared photo streams on my phone (mostly started by me), with friends and family. I am reaching full capacity of my phone and thus need to delete the pictures stored in my iPhone (the ones Stored in my phone, not the shared photo stream ones).

I've already transferred them to my computer so they are ready to be deleted. what my question is that if I clear up the photos stored in my phone, will the shared photo stream be affected by this aswell? as mostly pictures shared on photo stream are by my photo library in the phone which i am going to delete. If yes than is there a way to clear up my phone from the stored photos without affecting the shared photo streams that I am sharing?...

I remember i tried doing this last year when I upgraded to a iPhone 5s and ended up completely deleting my shared photo stream. Don't want that to happen again. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks

Phone: Iphone 5S iOS 8


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Sep 21, 2014
It's a great question because everywhere I've tried looking into this, I can't seem to get a straight answer. My best advice, and I ean doing this tomorrow myself when my 6 plus arrives, I'm going to the Apple Store. You won't only get the right answer, some genius will show you how also. I use my phone for mainly pics and videos of my two boys and I'd kill someone if I lost all those memories since they've both been peanuts. Goto Apple. Smartest move.
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