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    Hi, what functionality does the HomePod have when I’m not at home? Is there a privacy concern at all?
    Will it still show up and work as an airplay speaker for others on the network?

    Ideally for me it would only work if it detects my iPhone is present. Anyone in this situation and able to clarify? Thanks.
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    In the Home App there are two settings that apply to restricting access. Open the Home app. In the upper left corner click the location arrow to access the speaker and HomeKit hub settings. Scroll down to the section under people called Speakers. Select Allow Speaker Access. You can limit the speaker access to only those who you invite to share the home. You can also set a password that applies separately.

    Now I don’t know exactly how those options work, but you can try them out and see if they serve your needs.
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    That’s great, thank you!

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