Sharing a Thunderbolt Display between two computers (not at the same time)

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by spaceballl, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    We have a home office, and both my fiance and I work a considerable amount from home. We're typically not there at the same time, though. We've got a Thunderbolt display, and I typically use it the most, but I'm confused how we should best share the "setup." There is a bluetooth keyboard and magic trackpad on the desk, but how is this going to be shared between the two computers. How will the bluetooth devices know to pair only to the computer that is plugged into the cinema display and not to the computer in the room next door (we live in a relatively small apartment)? My sense is that there's no way for them to know this, obviously, and the only way to make a truly seamless experience would be to have a wireless adaptor pluggged into the back of the display and have the devices pair to that.... thoughts?
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    I share my ATD between my 27" iMac and my 13" MBP. I use an Apple Thunderbolt Cable to connect the ATD to the iMac and then the ATD's cable to connect to the MBP (since it also has the Magsafe charger). When I want to use the MBP, I just disconnect the ATC and then put it back when I want to use the iMac.

    As for the Bluetooth devices, I have two Magic Mice (one for each machine) and they're paired only to the one device, so they can be side by side and not interfere with each other. Bluetooth support is in the Mac, not the ATD, so both work regardless of which machine the ATD is plugged into.

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