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    Well, my situation is as follows. Basically, i've been one of those people that have been waiting for the G5 powerbook for some time now. With the latest G4 revision and all the buzz about heating issues etc., its looking like a pritty stupid idea to keep waiting if I want a laptop anytime soon, so me and my mom have come up with a little plan. We share an ibook 12 inch (cost and use), so that she gets a laptop (she's always wanted one), and I have something to use until a more powerful laptop is turned out, hopefully sometime next year.

    Now while I have no doubt that we will be able to share the machine without quarrel (I hope :D ) what im more concerned about is how well OSX handles multiple users. My mom is a very... well... lets just say somewhat "computer challenged". If I could keep whatever she does seperate from what I do, that would be fantastic. I've owned windows for a long time (regrettably) and im dying to switch over to mac, but im not fully versed in OSX yet. How well does panther do multiple user accounts? Can the different accounts have different screen resolutions? Appearances? System preferences and settings?

    Thanks :)
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    Each user can have a separate user account in OS X, and by necessity, the first (and if it is the only) account you set up will have 'Administrator' priveleges.

    This allows software to be installed in the main Applications folder. It also allows the admin user to edit / delete stuff in the main Library of OS X.

    For your mum you can set up a regular user (i.e., non-Admin) account, which means she will not be able to do anything to do the Apps and Lib folders above.

    Instead she will install all her Apps in her 'Home' folder.

    So the short answer is, the two users will not interfere with each other, neither of you can see the other's data in their Home folder (which is where you store all your documents, music, photos etc etc), and you do not run the risk of mum totally trashing the OS install by a wrong click somewhere.

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