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Discussion in 'iPad' started by BAP, Mar 9, 2011.

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    This is a similar post to one I put in the iPod section. I am open to suggestions on how to structure the accounts so that things can be shared, but I would like to limit access so things are not added to the business devices that are not appropriate.

    Is there a way to share media between devices on two or more different accounts. For example my wife and kids have ipods, I have a few iPads for our business. Currently the iPods are on one account and the iPads are on another. Can we share media without putting them all under a single account?


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    Bump. I want to know the answer to this as well.
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    As far as DRM protected content goes, what matters is whether the computer that the device (e.g. ipod, iphone, etc) is synced to is authorized on the account that the DRM-ed content is tied to. Portable devices aren't really individually restricted, just the computers they're synced with. Even if your wife and kids all synced your portable devices to separate computers, you could share content amongst each other as long as each of you authorized each other's computers on your accounts. I'm not sure that's what Apple intends for people to do, but it works.

    In other words, if you and your wife each had your own iTunes account and each synced your own ipod to your own computer, you could copy content from one computer to the other. The first time on of you tried to play content from the other's computer you would be notified that your computer is not authorized, and the other person would have to enter their iTunes account password to authorize the computer. From that point on any other content associated with that account would play.

    You can authorize up to 5 computers on each iTunes account. All this only applies to DRM protected content from the iTunes store. Any content that you generate for yourself (e.g. your own rips) are not protected in any way.

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