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    My wife and I share our contacts, calendars and a few other items via iCloud. Our setup is as follows:
    • My iCloud account ( has all of the contact, calendars, reminders, notes, as well as stuff that is relative to my devices - iCloud backups, Find My Phone, etc.
    • My wife's iCloud account ( has only stuff that is relative to her account - iCloud backups, Find My Phone, etc.
    On my devices (iPhone, iPad and rMBP), I have my iCloud account ( for iCloud login, Message, Facetime, and as an entry under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

    On my wife's devices (iPhone, iPad and iMac), she has her iCloud account ( for iCloud login, Messages, Facetime and as an entry under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. She also has my iCloud account ( added as an entry under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, where she has the shared items "on" (contacts, calendars, reminders, notes).

    The ONLY issue that we are having is with the "My Info" (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Contacts > My Info). Regardless of where we change it or on which device we change it, the setting is shared between all of the devices. So if I set My Info to MY entry in the Contacts app, it not only sets it to me for my iPhone, iPad and Mac, it also is reflected on HER devices.

    This is causing issues with Reminders and the geo-fencing function because all devices see the same "home" information (not a problem, per se) and the same "work" location, which IS a problem. So if she creates a reminder ("Remind me to call Barb when I get to work"), it doesn't "fire" properly because her phone sees ME as the My Info setting, and the reminder actually "fires" when I get to my office.

    Now my question: Is anyone else using the iCloud to share Contact information? If so, how do you make this work? At the present time, the geo-fencing Reminders would be nice to have, but their function is secondary to not having to manually update all of the Contact info in all of the devices when someone moves or gets a new phone number/email address.

    I'd love to hear if anyone dealing with this issue, and how you are handling this obvious shortcoming in Apple's design.
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    I'm also interested in this. My wife and I have been using the same iCloud account for years (to sync everything up) but now that we have 2 apple watches we need to setup separate iCloud IDs in order for digital touch to work. This means losing contact syncs.

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