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    I'm new to this, so excuse my ignorance.

    My wife and I have our computers set up on a wi-fi network. If we both have Quicken ('13 Basic - her, -11 Basic - me) can we share/see the same data file? She's on a PC, I'm on an iMac

    Am I making sense?
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    I would not recommend this, as it could cause corruption, since Quicken is not designed for multi-user activity.

    Its possible, provided both applications use the exact same file structure for there data file, If I were a betting man, I'd say its not possible due to application differences.

    From a networking perspective, the easiest approach imo, is to dropbox to sync the files across both computers. There's still a risk with dropbox that if both are changing the file at the same time dropbox will rename one of the versions, to keep both changes.

    imo, trying to share the same data file for quicken represents a number of risks and headaches that may not make it viable - just my $.02

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