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    Hello friends

    I have seen good amount of threads on how to share, synchronise data in between windows and mac. Infact i was also struggling to create a smooth workflow in between these platforms. I have windows 8 on one side and mac mani on other side.

    1. If you want to share a big folder between windows and mac, without network permission issues

    - I am having a music library of 110 GB in my laptop. When i purchased mac mini, i wanted a copy of this folder in mac mini. Of course i can take this in my external hard drive and then to mac, but it takes a lot of time. So i found this two apps - Dukto and Filedrop. Here are the features of dukto:

    • Simple user interface
    • No server or internet connection needed
    • Zero configuration
    • Clients auto-discovery
    • High speed file transfer
    • Multi-OS native support
    • Portable version available
    • Multi files and folders transfer
    • Transfers log
    • Send and receive text snippets (eg. useful for sending URLs)
    • Open received files directly from the application
    • Windows 7 taskbar integration with progress and transfer indicator
    • Show your IP addresses on the IP connection page
    • Full Unicode support
    • Metro style UI
    • Free and open source

    Just install this in both windows and mac and if you are on same network, you can see your computer name in each of their interface, now just copy and paste any folder in between windows and mac

    2. Now all the folders in my laptop are similar to folders in mac mini, yes they are backup of that folders, but everyday the content of that folder will not remain same, you may add some files, books or whatever. But this files are not being updated in mac mini nor in my external hard drive. You need a software to take incremental backups, synchronise folders or files. There are many apps for folder synchronise and backup for both windows and mac. Before i begin this small tutorial, i am sorry i havn’t taken any screenshots, so apologies

    - Firstly, i downloaded free version of Beyond Compare for Windows. Its amazing software and i am going to purchase it soon.

    - From your Mac, open System Preference > Sharing. Enable File Sharing, click Advanced and turn SMB windows sharing on

    - Network discovery status should be visible. You can enable this by going to Network and Sharing Center and turn network discovery on. Naturally it should be your home network

    - Once you turned it on, your mac will be visible in the network section. Click it, and it will ask for your user account credentials. Type it and save. Select a drive letter and map that network drive in your file explorer.

    - Now with Beyond Compare you can compare your folder in windows to that of mac and can synchronise any changes.

    However, i have not encountered any issues right now, so i will update this thread if any. I am open to all the ideas guys which you have implemented. If any of the steps are not clear, i will help you. Sorry for poor english
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    1. Make sure you Windows 8 "Advanced" sharing and NOT the HomeGroup.

    2. On a modern Mac the first thing is to System Preferences->Sharing tab, 'Options/ button and put a check mark in 'Share Files & folders using SMB'.

    3. Then go through the Mac's System Preferences-Sharing and turn on file sharing with the person on the local network to share with.

    4. Then on the Mac, click on the desktop, then in the finder menu items click on the menu item 'Go' and that pop=up window use the string smb://ipaddress of the windows share and connect to the share (on the Windows computer).

    5. With connecting to a 2008r2 or better window domain look at the system Preferences->Users & Groups, Login Account Server button and follow the steps.
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    I can share my 2008r2 server just fine, but not my win7 for some reason, even with these things set up.
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    Also make sure on windows 7 to share with the Sharing, Advanced button. Lastly make sure all you computers have the same time server setup in all you computers.
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    Thanks for highlighting the above steps, i was able to connect mac with windows but not vice versa, i will try now

    Today i got the invitation for bittorent sync app (based on p2p), i will review it here, have anyone tried it. bittorrent sync is in alpha stage, available for both windows and mac.
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