Sharing Disks Over a WAN w/ Airport Extreme


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Mar 7, 2005
I have the latest Airport Extreme and am trying to share a FAT32 partition on a USB drive over the internet. The internet portion of the base station is working fine and I can see and use the shared disk with Apple's Airport Disk utility when I'm on the same network as the base station.

However, when I goto another WiFi network, I cannot use Finder's Go->Connect to Server->my external cable internet IP or Window's mount network drive to see the shared disk. I also don't see any option in the Airport Disk utility to do this. I can get to the base station fine, because Finder for example lets me connect to the external IP of the router - it just doesn't show any volumes to mount.

My base station has share disk over WAN enabled. I have tried with disk password and user accounts as well as a test with guest access enabled. No luck.

I want to eventually configure it so I can backup files from work to the hard drive at home.

Any thoughts?


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Aug 27, 2007
I am also experiencing this. If I use Connect to Server, afp://mydyndns, I get the login, then the empty volumes window. If I use afp://mydyndns/mydrive, After login, I get the "Mount Failed" message.

What gives?



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Aug 21, 2006
same here, i can not make it work via WAN and see them from the dynamic IP domain I have set...

It could help a lot a sample screen through FAQ though


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Jan 9, 2004
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